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Welcome! We are a friendly church located in Croton-on-Hudson, NY. Our members come from a variety of Christian backgrounds and from many countries of the world. Please join us in our journey of faith.
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Sunday worship service: 10:00 am
Online only—see information below

Sunday school is in recess until the fall

Connecting to Our Online Worship Services

During this time when we aren't able to worship together in person, you can participate in our live, online worship services on our Facebook page. A recording is also available for later viewing on Facebook.

Our Facebook page

Bulletin for the July 5 10:00 am service

Your offerings continue to be essential during this time to support our mission in our community and around the world. You may mail your offering to the church office or contribute online. Online donations may be made from your checking or savings account through Vanco (green button) or by credit or debit card through Paypal (orange button). Thank you!


July 1 update from Pastor Johnson

We had 3 people at our first in-person service this morning and they seemed to enjoy it. This Sunday, following our online worship, we will have a Bring-Your-Own-Coffee Coffee Hour. It is just meant to be a time to see one another since we havenít in several months. If it is raining on that day, we will need to cancel. We will have the AC in the building going since it is due to be a hot one. Please, if you are eating/drinking bring it outside, but if you are just sitting and talking feel free to come on in. Masks are needed for this event.

This week's note from Pastor Johnson
June 29, 2020

Good day siblings in Christ!

I want to thank Sue, Bryan, and John for a wonderful finance report yesterday. The budget for 2020-2021 passed. The budget for July and August for the Circle School also passed. Thank you to the Finance Team and Council for their hard work on this.

I am writing today because, as of this week, activity at Our Saviour will resume. AA and NA will resume meeting on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Our crafting group started their activity last Tuesday. Our first in-person worship service will be on Wednesday at 10:00 am. Office staff will continue to be on a limited schedule until fall.

The Wednesday worship is a compromise to begin in-person worship while having a close-to-normal service on Sunday. Wednesday will be different though because it is in person. The first thing is masks will be needed at this service. Thanks to a generous donation, if one forgets a mask, we will have one available. Social distancing is also needed, which is why we have a 20 person limit for this service. Right now the pews are taped off in such a way to provide space to the front and to the side. We are asking that you either sit close to the wall or close to the aisle, unless you are sitting with someone you are regularly near. Families can sit together and the row would be a family row.

The service will be shorter for your safety. Guidelines are encouraging a 30-35 minute service, if not shorter. There will be no singing during the service and congregational spoken portions should be at a normal voice level rather than projected out.

I will be up front for almost all of the service. While I would love to greet you all and shake your hands as I have not seen you in so long, I will keep my distance to ensure your and my safety. I will be donning a face shield while in front and a mask later on. Face shields have the same protection as a cloth mask. I will also be utilizing the mic much more. We are looking into a new mic system, but that will take some time, so I may be a bit muffled at times or difficult to hear. Remember, I cannot project as much either.

The AC will be on, but please leave the side doors open. The air in the AC system is recycled air and so we need a fresh air flow coming through. We are looking into filters which will help filter Covid from the air, but we are not there yet.

A question came up yesterday about communion. I will have communion ready on Wednesday. They will be a single serve communion kit with a wafer on top and a pre filled grape juice cup. You tear off the top level to receive the wafer, then tear off the second level to take the juice. Be careful with the second level. Now for the odd portion—while we are used to having communion within the worship service, I will bless the elements, finish the service, and then hand you a communion kit on your way out the door. You can choose to consume the wafer and grape juice outside since you must take your mask off to consume the wafer and juice. It cannot be indoors at this time. I know this wonít have the same feel to communion and I truly and honestly wish there were a different way. I promise I will keep researching, but many churches are doing a to go type communion. It is about safety more than anything.

We are awaiting guidelines from the governor about whether or not we should have indoor food for our July 5th gathering. It will be outside, but if we need to move inside, we may need to cancel our gathering. The governor made a new announcement about indoor food and we will finalize plans this week.

The Council and I are considering allowing a few people to start attending Sundays beginning in August. We want to ensure safety first and so we will see how Wednesdays go for a bit and as we feel more comfortable, we will begin moving toward a in-person service on Sundays.

Be love,
Pastor Johnson

To celebrate Pentecost Sunday, the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians produced this inspirational virtual choir performance of O Day Full of Grace:

While our children aren't able to attend Sunday School in person, they have been been making art works to brighten our spirits during this difficult time. Here are some examples.

Amazon Smile: We are now an official Amazon Smile charity. If you have an Amazon account, kindly consider making Our Saviour the charity of choice. For every dollar you spend on Amazon, the church will receive 0.5%. Use this link to find our church and select it as your charity of choice:

Christian Crafters: Currently we are working on quilts for Lutheran World Relief. In 2019 we dedicated these beautiful quilts along with school kits, health kits, and layettes which have been sent to Lutheran World Relief. They have been distributed to those in need throughout the world.

We accept online donations using either Vanco or PayPal. Vanco (formerly Simply Giving) allows for donations from your checking or saving account and is a good, low-cost option, especially for regular donations. PayPal allows donations using a credit or debit card or your PayPal account.