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Croton-on-Hudson, NY

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Welcome! We are a friendly church located in Croton-on-Hudson, NY. Our members come from a variety of Christian backgrounds and from many countries of the world. Please join us in our journey of faith.
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Sunday worship service: 10:00 am
Online only—see information below

Sunday school for children
Online activities only

Connecting to Our Online Worship Services

During this time when we aren't able to worship together in person, you can participate in our live, online worship services on our Facebook page. A recording is also available for later viewing on Facebook.

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Bulletin for the May 31 10:00 am service

Your offerings continue to be essential during this time to support our mission in our community and around the world. You may mail your offering to the church office or contribute online. Online donations may be made from your checking or savings account through Vanco (green button) or by credit or debit card through Paypal (orange button). Thank you!


This week's note from Pastor Johnson
May 27, 2020

Good day siblings in Christ! As we gather together in our separate homes for Pentecost this week, we will be offering communion together following the regular worship service. By this I mean, we will have our normal Sunday service on Facebook and it will end as usual. The Facebook feed will turn off for a minute or two and then be turned back on for a brief sharing of communion with one another. This will allow those who wish to opt out to have a full service and not feel they must participate in something they may not be comfortable with. Believe me, I’ve wrestled with this for a while.

This will be a live offering only and a recording will not stay on Facebook. This will be a once-in-a-while offering rather than a weekly occurrence for the present.

How should you prepare? First you will need some bread and wine/grape juice. The bread should be enough for you and your family if your family is present. It is meant to be consumed fully during communion, meaning smaller is better for this time and moment as all of it is meant to be eaten in the moment. Flat breads are preferred, but any bread will do. I would caution against using crackers, cookies, or any other type of “technically bread” type substance as this is a holy moment and we want to honor the moment.

Prepare a small space in your home for the moment. Place the bread and wine/grape juice there as we come together. Perhaps light a candle or place a bowl of water there to remember your baptism. The idea, as Paul states in 1 Corinthians 11, is treat communion as something different than the normal meal.

As pastor, I will lead the words of institution after a brief introduction. When I raise the bread/wafer up, lift yours too in unity. As I raise the drink up, lift yours too in unity. As I finish the words, I will look at the camera and say “The Body of Christ given for you” and pause as you eat your bread. If you are in a household with others, please commune one another. I will wait for a good moment because there are some households with multiple members. Then I will state “The Blood of Christ Shed for you.” Again, drink your wine or grape juice. The wine should be enough to taste, as one would do in communion and not a full glass.

I will finish with a blessing and another sign of peace to close. At that point the Facebook feed will turn off. Please clean your area set aside for communion and finish any bread or wine/juice. If you cannot, feed it to the birds or share it with a neighbor. Pour any unconsumed drink into the ground. Give thanks for the moment.

Next Sunday June 7, Phill and I will be taking a break and the Presiding Bishop of the ELCA Elizabeth Eaton will lead the sermon for the day. It will be on Facebook and YouTube only that week.

Be love,
Pastor Johnson

Bishop Egensteiner's response to President Trump's statement regarding the reopening of churches

While our children aren't able to attend Sunday School in person, they have been been making art works to brighten our spirits during this difficult time. Here are some examples.

Amazon Smile: We are now an official Amazon Smile charity. If you have an Amazon account, kindly consider making Our Saviour the charity of choice. For every dollar you spend on Amazon, the church will receive 0.5%. Use this link to find our church and select it as your charity of choice:

Christian Crafters: Currently we are working on quilts for Lutheran World Relief. In 2019 we dedicated these beautiful quilts along with school kits, health kits, and layettes which have been sent to Lutheran World Relief. They have been distributed to those in need throughout the world.

We accept online donations using either Vanco or PayPal. Vanco (formerly Simply Giving) allows for donations from your checking or saving account and is a good, low-cost option, especially for regular donations. PayPal allows donations using a credit or debit card or your PayPal account.